SmartWealth Portfolios

Powerful investment management for life

Achieving your long-term financial goals requires a long-term investment strategy. Our SmartWealth portfolios will help get you there.

Inflation is the terminator of wealth

and traditional investment management is expensive

Owning a diversified portfolio of assets over time is a proven strategy for building and preserving your wealth. The trouble is that most solutions rely on ineffectual and often very expensive approaches to fund management.

We, on the other hand, rely on simplicity and history. We call this smart investing.

A disciplined, rules-based and unemotional approach to investing

We call this SmartWealth, it offers a smarter approach to investing. Instead of relying on complex and expensive strategies, we believe in the power of simplicity and history.

Our portfolios are diversified, spreading your investments across various assets to minimise risk and optimise returns. This proven strategy helps in building and preserving your wealth over time, keeping you ahead of inflation.

A suite of low-cost portfolio solutions, carefully designed and managed to outperform inflation ​

We invest your hard-earned money in a diversified portfolio where costs are controlled and fees kept to a minimum

We practise what we preach and manage your money in the exact same way we manage our own money​

We believe in managing your money in a systematic manner, and returns come predominantly from markets, not from fund manager skill

Our investment philosophy is backed by decades of empirical evidence, investment theory and academia drawn from the work of three Nobel Prize winners

We're serious about how we handle your money. We don't do risky hunches or use get rich quick strategies

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SmartWealth Portfolios are critical to the success of your LifeMap

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Rely on powerful and smart investing expertise to grow your savings

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Early retirement, that new house... this is the part that makes it possible

What do we offer?


SmartWealth is critical to your financial plan, your LifeMap. Let’s set a solid personal money management master plan. With a LifeMap you’ll know how to hit your life goals.


When life throws bumps in your road, get access to an expert who knows how to navigate this for you. Headway is our lifelong commitment to keeping your LifeMap firmly on track. 

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