What It Costs

Fair, simple, transparent

Taking control of your personal finances is overwhelming. Understanding the cost of financial advice shouldn’t add to this overwhelm. With us, there’s no hidden fees, percentages or costs you don’t understand.

Feel the difference

Taking control of your personal finances and making your money work harder for you and your life is overwhelming.

When you get Headsup to make a plan, then turn that plan into reality, you’ll feel confident about the future. With financial safeguards and safety nets, you’ll get total peace of mind.  

See the difference

Traditional financial advisers tend to over promise and under deliver, while charging you a small fortune. 

We do neither. We don’t need to over promise anything, because you’ll have your LifeMap. And you’ll be able to see your money grow and fully understand what you’re paying for the service.

Ongoing Fees

Our ongoing fees are simply 1% of the money we look after for you, or (if lower) a fixed monthly fee of £210.

This fee covers both our Headway service and SmartWealth investment management, available exclusively to our clients.

For larger portfolios – above £750,000 – we charge a reduced ongoing fee of 0.25%.

Initial Fees

1. LifeMap report

We charge a fixed fee for the research, preparation and presentation of your LifeMap. The fee will vary depending on the complexity of your affairs and is between £1,850 – £2,850.

2. Implementing our recommendations 

We charge an initial fee of 1% on any money we invest for you, with a maximum fee capped at £5,000.

Effective financial advice should pay for itself, but don't just take our word for it

Professional financial advice leads to people being £47,000 better off over a 10 year period.

The same report also found that those who fostered an ongoing relationship with a financial adviser were up to 50% better off than those who had only received advice once.

Source – ILC, What it’s worth – revisiting the value of financial advice, December 2019

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